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Agnes Monica's Biography

Hey guys, tonight I want to discuss about Agnes Monica. She is the one of my idol in my life. She is a beutiful woman, and then she is smart, diclipline, consistent, and she focuses to the things that she want to. Someday, i really reallllyyyyyy want to be like her. She is not only beautiful but she has a wonderful charisma. When I was child, I always excited with all the things about Agnes Monica. Her Film, Album, Song,  Dance, all of them about her, I love it so much. I am really proud of her.

Oke, lets talk about her NOW!!. I will explain Agnes Monica Biography.

Agnes Monica Muljoto, and with nick name Agnes. She is an international singer from Indonesia ;). She was born on 1st July 1986. And her father’s name is Ricky Suprapto and her mother is Jenny Siswono. What a lucky parent, cz they had a wonderful child like Agmo :DDDD
Next, Agmo has a brother, and his name is Steve Muljoto, lets check this image :DD

Is he handsome, right ? ;)

Agnes Monica graduated  in Tarakanita Elementary School and Pelita Harapan High School.  She was a smart student. She always got best score and scholarship in the academic side, eventhough she had a many activity in music side, like piano course, sing course, etc.
She started his carrier in music industry when she was child. When she was 6 years old,  she succed to made first music album with the title “si meong”.  And then, in 1995 she rleased the second music album, with the titled “yess!!”. In addition, Agnes also presented many children TV event, such as VAN (Video Anak Anteve), Tralala-Trilili in RCTI, and Diva Romeo in Trand TV.

And when she was teenager,  she tried to be a professional artist. She played in many films, like Pernikahan Dini, Lupus Millenia, Mr. Hologram, and then she succed to played in korean films with Meteor Graden Boysband with the titled “The Hospital dan Romance In the White House”.
And now, as you know, Agnes is an international singer. She had colaboration with Keith Martin, and then, she had been a jury in Indonesian Idol. And the next wonderful achievement of her is she presented Red Carpet event in America Music Awards.

Is it wonderful right? Thats the reason why I am so excited to be like her. I want to be a consistent girl that focuses with my plan of life.
Oke, maybe thats enough, I hope it will be inspiring you to be better person than before... See yaa!!!!!!

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