Minggu, 30 September 2012

Agnes Monica's Motivation Quotes

Hey guys, I am feeling so sleepy tonight. But, I think thats better to post some quotes first to make your day, especially your monday be a wonderful day with the great spirit ;)

And this moment, I want to see you many motivation quotes that created by Agnes Monica. Yeah! she is a wonderful girl that has many talent and achievement. She succed to reach her plan of life one by one. When she was teenager, she always told that she would go international, and YOU CAN SEE now!!! she is an international singer. she succed to made Indonesia proud of her. oke, lets check this out!! ;)

When haters were busy talkin', I was busy making it happen.
When they were busy mocking, I was busy walking.
When they were busy laughing, I was busy running.
And they're STILL wondering why they're left behind.
With lots of love, me

Dream it
Believe it
And make it happens

don't ever feel satisfied
okey, thats the motivation qoute that created by Agmo. Are you ready to be better person?! keep spirit and follow your dreams :D

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